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"I can rent that online for $10!".....

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Sometimes frugality can cause us more problems in life than we expect. Many times we have heard students complain about a book that is being offered at 40% off because they can rent it online for less money. It is important to look at this objectively to make the right choice and know the truth.

1-Many companies will rent beat up copies for really cheap online because they know a certain percentage of students will NOT return it on time. If its a day late, you get charged the full amount for the book. That cost can be astronomical and you're stuck with a beat up copy you never wanted in the first place. Now that business made lots of profit to make up for the cheap rental prices they offered and you're stuck paying the price.

2-When you purchase a book you can always sell it back if you ask us where the book is in its life cycle. If a new edition is a year out, six months out, you got little to worry about. Its really nice to get some cash a few months later when you really need it.

3-Sometimes companies jack their rental prices up so high, its very close to buying the book! Be careful not to fall for that trap.

Boomerang Books is always very kind and understanding with rentals, we will not charge you the full price for a book if you return it a day late. We just want it back in time to re-sell it to another student before the next semester starts. When finals are over with it means its time to get it back.

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