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End of an era...

Something unprecedented is about to happen. The UVU bookstore will discontinue stocking textbooks in its store. Gone will be the days of getting a book instantly when you need it. What does this mean for students?

Another company out of state will take over the textbooks for UVU and do everything by mail. The prices will still be high and you will have to order your books online. (Inconvenient for studying tonight!) OR WILL YOU? Luckily, Boomerang Books has been around since 2008 and will continue to stock UVU textbooks close to campus.

We encourage all students to sell us your books when you're done so other students can have a chance at buying locally. Our success and ability to keep our doors open, depends on your support. Boomerang Books will beat any price the new company provides, guaranteed. So don't worry, even though your campus bookstore abandoned you, we are still here to provide books for less. Let's work together to be better than the campus bookstore ever was.

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