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"But I paid $300 for this!"...

Yes, our memory can sometimes play tricks on us. At times we exaggerate what we think we paid for something that we bought many months ago. Students often wonder why their book isn't worth as much today as it was before. It's a great thing to wonder....

In order to keep the profits rolling, each publisher must release new editions to try and circumvent the used book sales. Publishers only make money when new copies are sold. The average lifespan of a textbook is roughly 28 months. Once a new edition comes out, the now old version loses value quickly because many schools drop it from the adoption list. Here are things that you have to watch out for when trying to sell your books:

1-Is there a new edition out or soon to be out?

2-How is the condition of my book, does it have water damage, mold, smoke, stains, torn pages, falling apart binding, etc?

3-How many copies of my book have been in circulation? Are there hundreds for sale online right now that are now very inexpensive?

4-Is my school going to use this book again? (Sometimes that is very hard to know.)

5-Do I have an international edition or an instructor edition? (those are worth a lot less)

Now, we at Boomerang Books can quickly and easily tell you all of those things in just a few seconds when you bring them to one of our stores. We will also match or beat any local competitor's price for the same item and some key online vendors as well depending on our current inventory and need of that item. Sometimes we get overstocked, sometimes schools are not using a particular title,

etc. We will compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges in each situation. Campus buybacks and online buybacks will not buy books in bad shape.

Students are often quick to anger when we cannot buy a book or can't offer very much for it. Please be aware that there are a lot of reasons why that is. We will do our best to explain everything for you when you visit. The best time to sell a textbook is yesterday, they are like vegetables, wait too long and they spoil.

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